Software Developers

Why Canada?

Cost-saving is just one reason to hire Canadian software developers.

Cost Savings  If you've come here because Canadian software developers are less expensive then you're on the right track. The overall cost of Canadian software developers is on average 50% of that of US software developers. 

Why not simply hire from India or Russia?

Native English Speakers Canadians share many cultural and historical similarities with the US. These similarities include our shared use of the English language and shared cultural norms around communication styles.

Time Zone Alignment We sit right above the US and share the same time zones as our American neighbor to the south. 80% of developers prefer to work in a similar time zone with their peers. It means more immediate communication and less late night or early morning meetings. Vancouver is in the same time zone as California and Toronto is in the same time zone as New York.

Experienced Software Developers The average number of years' experience of NEAT Science's software developers is 13 years.

Faster Sourcing and Hiring The average time to source a new candidate in the US is 55 days. NEAT Sciences can help you find talent in days rather than weeks or months.

Sourcing Models - Which will work for you?

Direct Hires Vs Team Augmentation (Temping)

NEAT Sciences can help with all your Canadian software developer sourcing needs. The choice between directly hiring a Canadian developer or hiring them on a contract basis often boils down to whether you already have a Canadian subsidiary in place.

Direct hiring of Canadian domiciled employees by a US company is usually not practical. Canadian employment law differs from US employment law and benefits such as pensions, parental leave differ greatly. NEAT Sciences however can recommend you to one of it's inexpensive Canadian domiciled remote HR partners. 

NEAT Sciences has a solution called Team Augmentation (a modern version of "temping"). NEAT Sciences can quickly source Canadian software developers and offer them to your company on an ongoing contract basis. Team Augmentation allows you to quickly grow your team with experienced Canadian developers in a flexible way that suits your needs at a competitive price.